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Article 1 -

How to make any man beg you for commitment (Terrific advice from a cat)

Here’s a fun (slightly evil) little experiment that you should definitely try out.

Sneak up on a cat, as quietly as you can, and try to pick it up.

I’m being completely serious here. Sneak up on that cat as quietly as a cat sneaks up on mice, and scoop it up like it’s a fumbled football.

You might call this crazy, and you’re not wrong if you do, but I prefer the word “educational”.

9 times out of 10, that cat’s going to take off like it’s on bath salts. You’ll probably also get a few claw scratch beauty marks for your trouble.

There are few things to take away from this experiment.

Number one, don’t ever do it again.

Number two, the cat ran away because cats hate any kind of sneakiness that isn’t their own sneakiness.

Number three, men aren’t cats, but you shouldn’t get sneaky with them either.

A lot of women try to get their man to commit like trying to snatch up a cat, and the rate of success is just about the same.

Oh by the way, I am not saying it's your fault. In most cases, it's never the woman's fault because she basically doesn't understand the weirdness of the male mind (more on this later).

Now, let’s try an experiment that actually isn’t impulsive.

Instead of stalking the cat, let’s try approaching from the front so that it knows we’re there. Cats, like men, are visual creatures. Cats prefer to see things coming.

By approaching from the front, we can actually get into its personal space without making the cat hate us.

After you accomplish the task of getting close to cat while it sees you, like a normal person, you can gently pet it and it might not hiss and take off like a bottle rocket.

Men are bigger than cats and not so great at slipping under the sofa at a moment’s notice, but it’s the principle here that counts.

At the first hint that a woman is trying to be sneaky with them, they’re going to make themselves scarce.

Lots of men today are already a little bit paranoid about potential hidden motives of their partners, and you definitely don’t want to give him a good reason to be on-guard. Spies aren’t known for having stable relationships, so save the sneakiness for the secret agents.

Now, here is the weird bit - You might not be sneaky whatsoever, but in the crazy world of men, what you think is completely innocent might be seen as EVIL if you were to look at the same from a male lens.

There’s just one thing that we need to remember above all else: men (and also cats, for the record) love their freedom.

To a man, being free and being alive are one and the same. The threat of losing his freedom is even scarier to a man than cliff diving, public speaking, earthquakes, and romantic comedy movie marathons combined.

To put it simply, if you want to lose a man as quickly as possible, grab onto him as tightly as possible. He’ll slip out of your grasp like an eel and put three oceans of distance between the two of you in one fluid motion.

To a man, the thought of getting locked down to the wrong woman is the same thing as death. It’s not that they’re afraid of the concept of getting locked down, though, but just that a relationship with the wrong woman feels no better to him than being in prison. Prison means no freedom, and no freedom means no life.

But there is one thing you can do right now that will make any man chase you to the point of madness and literally make a fool out of himself to win you over.

So what is this one thing you ask? I call it a "Love Command".

Here is a personal video for you explaining how this works -

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In short…

A "Love Command" is a set of Psychological Hidden Messages that provoke any man to feel so much ADDICTIVE LOVE that he'll fall at your feet just for a moment of your attention.

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This means that the same commitment phobic man will now desperately kneel at yourfeet and will gently slide a ring across your finger to seal the deal forever.

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Article 2 -

How To Become His Greatest Addiction (These Tricks Are Magic)

What I am about to share will change your life for the better. I'll show you how to become any man's greatest addiction, with just one simple question.

Here is what I mean when I say his greatest addiction - Now he will desire to study you more than an honors student studies textbooks for midterms. You will, hands-down, be the best addiction he’s ever had.

You’ll have a special “tenure” in his heart, which basically means that there won’t be anything you could say that would make him love you less after getting to this point.

He’s not going to miss even a single chance to show how highly you rank on his list of favorite things in the world. Spoiler alert: if you do this correctly, your rank on that list of his will always be “Number 1”, by default.

His sweet little whispers of “I love you”, are basically going to become like a permanent fixture at the end of his sentences.

That might sound a little impossible right now, as you’re naturally a bit skeptical, ,but I promise you that by the end of this adventure, you’re going to feel more and more that it’s possible, as a wide grin smears across your face.

But before I can hand you the keys to becoming his ultimate addiction, I need to show you how it’s going to become possible…

Now I am sure by now you must already be wondering (or you might even be a bit curious) as to how all of this even going to be possible?

Actually, it’s much simpler than it may seem, and it all starts with a very basic question:

What is it that makes a man tick?

The answer is a single word:


Men want to be protectors. Men want to be hunters. Men want to be protagonists in the narrative of the world. But above all else, men want to be challenged.

When a man comes across something that presents a serious but surmountable challenge, he is able to receive a continuously rewarding emotional feeling from it. The challenge itself will become a continuously emotionally rewarding reality that he lives in.

Now, the best way to describe this is to imagine what the most stereotypical hobbies there are that most men enjoy.

Think of things like fast-paced sports cars blazing down the road, movies filled with gigantic explosions, graphic and gory violence in video games, and even the smoking muzzles of gigantic guns used for taking down wild boars in the woods.

When you consider all of the stereotypical images that invoked the pictures of men who are like children in a candy store, what do you think that it could possibly be that makes a man want to not only see- but EXPERIENCE those things in the very first place?

What is it that gets a man's mind to feel so stimulated by these images, that he is compelled to seek them out over and over again, as if he is experiencing them for the very first time 1000 times over?

The answer to this question is in the specific way that it makes him feel.

In order to understand what it is that motivates a man to seek out these hobbies, we need to understand the core nature of the feeling that these things give him.

This is an exercise that requires taking a step outside of oneself and temporarily living in the reality of a man who is completely captivated by action-packed movie sequences, speeding cars, and ballistic shells ripping through the underbrush to take down a hulking boat.

The answer to the question is that these things give him a little or even BIG boost of a beautiful little something called adrenaline.

Remember, adrenaline is the hormone that gives human beings their instinct to either fight or flee in the face of imminent danger or in the face of extreme stimulus. It is all for the sake of the thrill.

There is a lightning-fast adrenal buildup that happens every single time a man is thinking or imagining any of these stereotypical masculine obsessions.

Now even though you yourself may not be a speeding sports car or a gigantic hunting rifle, you can create the same effect.

The problem isn't that it is impossible for women to match up to the things that hold a man's attention, but the fact that many women simply don't know how to go about it in a way that is effective and naturally sustainable is what causes the real issue.

It might be easy to assume that all it takes to stimulate a man is to appear sexually attractive, but the truth of the matter is this…

It takes something on a more intimate level to tap into this reservoir of endless attention that a man gives to his most cherished hobbies.

We are not just looking to visually stimulate a man, but we are looking to become masters of the emotional wind-up action that sets off his momentum to seek out satisfaction and stimulation.

To put it as simply as possible, you must learn the little-known ability to keep a man constantly emotionally wound up over an extended period of time.

So now the question is how do you do it?

Well, for this purpose you will need something that I call secret "Love Commands".

Here is a private video that explains how these Love Commands can emotionally wind up a man to feel intensely powerful levels of love in your presence…

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But first, I want you to participate in a fun little experiment...

Number 1-Listen very closely to the secret "Love Commands" that you'll discover on the next page -


Trust me, it'll excite you so much that you'll watch this twice.

Number 2-Pick any man you desire. Even that man who has bluntly rejected you.

Number 3- Use these "Love Commands" on him exactly as described and notice how a sudden avalanche of desire erupts inside him.

First his heart will start to race.

Next, his breathing will get faster.

And suddenly, he will experience a thousand different feelings of PASSIONATE LOVE that makes him want to possess you, capture you, and make you his forever and ever.

Follow this link and carefully watch this private video…

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Article 3 -

Make Even the Most Distant Man Crave You...TONIGHT! – The 3 “Love Excitement Hormones” That Activate His LOVE Centre

Do you know the 3 “Love Excitement Hormones” that instantly make any man fall madly and deeply in love with you?

I am talking about the 3 biggest keys that every man needs to have activated, to be able to fall madly and deeply in love with you.

Naturally, I have to warn you, before revealing these unusually powerful little love triggers, that what you are about to learn might very well surprise you, and may even shock you…


Well, the truth is, that even the most distant and cold man can be excited to feel endless levels of passion, obsession, and attraction with a woman. As long as a woman is triggering and igniting these 3 very special “Excitement Hormones”, ANY man will instantly fall into a spellbound, and endlessly devoted state of love.

So now you must be wondering- “How Does It All Work?”

As impossible as it may sound- the science behind it is actually pretty simple, and very deeply rooted in our biology.

In order to understand how these 3 Love Excitement Hormones work to create intense desire within a man, you have to understand a few basic things about the chemical makeup of desire.

First, the three main Love Excitement Hormones are actually: dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin.

Dopamine is the chemical that determines what you like, and how much you like it.

It even controls our physical reactions to rewards or expected rewards. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Pavlov’s dogs by now- he famously trained them to salivate at the sound of the bell.

This famous experiment was one of the first of many studies that would showcase the power of dopamine- that even at the ANTICIPATION of receiving something we may find enjoyable, a deep seeded biological reaction can take place.

So dopamine is what motivates us to FEEL something on a deeper level.

Adrenaline controls our famous “fight or flight” reaction:

As such it naturally creates a sense of excitement and urgency in the body. Once you’ve piqued your man’s interest, this is the chemical you want to have coursing through his veins, because it’s the ACTIVATING step. I.E. it’s what makes us MOVE and ACT on how we feel.

Serotonin takes strong feelings and cements them in your brain:

This chemical is the reason why you have your lifelong tastes and preferences. It’s *also* the reason you can’t get your special someone out of your mind. It’s essentially the GLUE that keeps you addicted to, craving, and WANTING something, or SOMEONE.

How These Hormones Make Even The Most Distant Guy Crave You

These 3 elements are what form the key makeup of the “Love Excitement Hormones”, and they are a powerful anecdote for even the most distant man, the most emotionally cold husband, or the seemingly most “out of reach” guy that you could encounter.

You may not realize this, but men REQUIRE these 3 hormones to be activated in order to not only feel attracted to you- but also to feel motivated, and committed to you. A man who is emotionally distant, or who seems unavailable when it comes to love, is a man who is UNABLE to feel attracted to you, motivated to love you, or committed to you, BECAUSE his body is literally running in the OPPOSITE direction.

Think of it like this: in order to survive, we need fuel for our bodies, right? We need sustenance to grow and live, and our bodies need food and water.

Love, is not so different- being a biological makeup of processes that we can actually control, once we know what is going on.

Just as we need sustenance to maintain ourselves; men need these 3 triggers activated and engaged in order to thirst for us, desire us, and more.

Without these 3 Excitement Hormones engaged, men simply can’t FEEL what we want them to feel, because the right areas aren’t being activated to tell them to feel that way.

So now, I am sure, you must be on the edge of your seat wondering:

“How Do I Trigger These 3 Excitement Hormones?”

Well the process is actually much simpler than it may seem. There’s only 3 simple steps to triggering these 3 hormones.

Step #1: Activate His Pleasure Zones By Building Dopamine Triggering Loops. - This activates a series of dopamine triggers!

Step #2: Create An “Excitement Zone Of Thrills” By Setting Up Thrill Boosting Situations. –This triggers an intense avalanche of sheer adrenaline rushing through his veins around you.

Step #3: Trigger His Addiction Centre By Using The “Memory Foam” Method- This motivates him to feel connected and attracted to you even further, so he keeps coming back for more, and more!

The key is to activate these 3 steps in succession:

You first trigger his pleasure zones- you make him learn and show him that YOU are the center of sheer pleasure. This in turn sets up a motivation to want to be around you, and crave your nearness- even if he had never thought to do this before, he won’t be able to control his urges now because his body will be taking the lead.

Next, you follow this up by HEIGHTENING the intensity of his feelings- you create even more pleasurable and exciting feelings that rise up from deep inside of him like a volcano erupting. He’ll find himself growing addicted to you at this stage. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you once you do this, and you’ll find him growing closer and closer to you wanting to do more and more things with you.

And finally, you introduce the most powerful love potion ingredient- serotonin- by triggering his addiction centres and reward centers. You show him that by being near you, he is rewarded, and in turn motivate him to feel endlessly addicted and DEVOTED to you.

I know that you must be wild with curiosity now, as the most important question you are ever going to ask is racing at the tip of your tongue….

“So how do I enact these steps?
What are the specific actions steps I need to do, to make these 3 steps work?”

Well fortunately for you, I can do more than just answer that question right now. In fact, I am going to reveal to you, the exact BLUEPRINT you need to not only trigger these Love Excitement Hormones…

But I will also give you the BLUEPRINT to everything you’ve ever needed to know, when it comes to winning over any man of your dreams.

It causes such an intense feeling of addictive love that you’ll be able to make that one special man turn into the most devoted, loving, and romantic lover who will want to be near you more than he wants to breathe.

Once you have this blueprint, you will turn into the most tempting woman to ever exist in his mind, and he won’t be able to resist even the very idea of you.

Every second away from you, will feel like a massive punishment to him, and he will naturally want to spend each and every moment next to you, and won’t be able to have enough of your eyes, your touch, and every little detail about you will ring like a beautiful song in his mind.

You can start doing this just 5 minutes from now, by watching this very rare video, by going to this link:

==> http://XXXX.lcommands.hop.clickbank.net/

At about 3 minutes into the video, you’re going to hear something which will change your life forever. (Trust me, you’re not going to want to SKIP even a single second of this- you’ll know why when you see it).

Here is the link again:

==> http://XXXX.lcommands.hop.clickbank.net/ (Oh, and please don’t share this video!)




Article 4 -

Men Can’t Stop Obsessing Over Women Who Know This- The Little Words Every Man Needs To Hear To Fall Madly In Love

Women Who Know These Phrases Never Get Stuck In The Friend Zone- Powerful Little Words That Make Him Mad For You

Magic Love Triggers That Make Men Fall Hard For You – DO NOT SKIP THIS If You’re Stuck In The Friend Zone!

Why He’ll Never Love You Until You Give Him This One Thing- Do This Immediately With ANY Guy Who Doesn’t Love You Back!

What you are about to see might shock you, because just minutes after reading this, you are going to be given the EXACT blueprint that will force even the most UNAVAILABLE guy to feel an intense and almost insatiable level of attraction and desire for you.

If you’ve been banging your head against the “Friend Zone” wall with a man long enough to have a headache that could last a lifetime… or if you’ve frustratingly fallen for a man who’s about as available as an out of service number, then this is going to be the most important thing you are ever going to read…

I want you to pay close attention to the words I am about to share with you, and I want you to carefully link these ideas deeply in your mind immediately if you are tired of getting burnt time and time again by your unrequited love.

“Unavailability” Is Actually Caused By A MISUNDERSTOOD BIOLOGICAL Phenomenon Known As The “LOVE HORMONE EFFECT”

Now what exactly do I mean by that?

Well, you might not realize this, but a man LITERALLY cannot love you, until his body says that he can. That is to say, that a part of the makeup of ATTRACTION, desire, and LOVE actually comes from a physical and hormonal reaction that takes place in our body.

100% of the time, I can guarantee that the MINUTE a man becomes UNAVAILABLE or UNRECEPTIVE to your affection, desire, or love for him- it’s not because he’s stupid and just needs to logically work out that you are the right person for him someday.

It’s because his body is LITERALLY not programmed yet to FEEL that way about you. He simply doesn’t have the mechanisms in place to be able to FEEL attracted, or FEEL interested, or FEEL in love with you- like you do with him.

Think of it like this- in order to run my car, I need gas in my tank, right?

But if there’s no gas in the tank, my car is going nowhere.

The same is true when it comes to how men fall in love, how men come to feel attracted, and how men come to form a sense of addictive desire toward you.

His car simply isn’t going to rev up from 0 to 60 in your presence, without the right fuel- and it sure as heck isn’t going anywhere until that happens.

So now you’re starting to understand that attraction and LOVE are not just what we THINK about others- after all, we could LOGICALLY know someone is good for us- but we sometimes just don’t FEEL it.

The feeling is actually MORE important than what we think.

As humans we are fueled by how we feel, and make almost all of our decisions based on that.

If we’re tired, we go to sleep. If we’re hungry, we eat. If we’re in love with someone, we chase them around like a foolish little puppy dog.

All of these actions, even the ones we never even think of- are all driven by our feelings.

We feel, then we DO.

Men are NO exception to this rule- although they’d like you to think otherwise.

In fact, if anything, men are MORE bound by this rule than women, because when a man feels something, his NEED (side note: notice I didn’t say desire?) to act on that is felt tenfold.

This is because men are biologically engrained to be DOERS. They are TRAINED from their core to chase after and hunt down their fulfillment. A man who wants something will go out and get it- heck he will even MOVE MOUNTAINS to do it.

I’m sure you’ve seen these guys floating around by now- the kind who literally make you envious to the core as you wonder why the guy you love can’t be like that, or if you’ll ever find a guy who would move mountains for you.

But the truth is, you don’t have to find him. He exists inside of EVERY GUY.

A little earlier I mentioned that UNAVAILABILITY is caused by a little known phenomenon called the “Love Hormone Effect”.

You know already that in order for something to run the way you want it to, it needs fuel. It needs to be able to hit “GO” in the first place, right?

Well it turns out, that UNAVAILABLE guys are only unavailable because they need a cocktail of hormones to fill their tanks- to FUEL their desire chambers, and obsessively passionate thoughts about someone.

The issue with being in a situation where you’re feeling like an idiot chasing after a guy who doesn’t want you, or is too blind to see that he SHOULD want you, is that 100% of the time when that is true, it’s because you haven’t IGNITED his love hormones.

Where the “Love Hormone Effect” comes into play, is simple once you understand this.

The Love Hormone Effect works to trigger the most important hormone that a man needs to have activated in order to begin feeling attracted to you on any level.

This hormone serves a very powerful purpose on its own, igniting a different series of powerful “love reactions” inside a man’s body.

This is deadly- because once applied, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you for even just a moment. You will race through his mind like a brilliant dream that he never wants to end, and he’ll crave more and more as he finds himself barely able to contain his desire for you.

The reality is, once you activate these hormones, a man is truly no longer in control. His body takes over- he can’t STOP a force that is firing up deep inside of him.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that we don’t CHOOSE who we fall for- that’s because it’s not a logical thing. It’s a BIOLOGICAL THING.

We like, and fall for the people who trigger this reaction the STRONGEST in us- and we BOND with the people who are able to trigger this hormone.

The Hormone That Will Turn Any Man Into Your Most Devoted Lover

Ever been near someone who gave you a strange spine tingling sense of excitement? Or have you ever felt those infamous little butterflies in your stomach fluttering around when your secret crush walked by? Ever had the hairs raise on the back of your neck as someone you were in love with unknowingly brushed past you?

These romantic sensations are the work of very clever chemicals in our bodies - specifically, they’re referred to as monoamines.

Monoamines are neurotransmitters- or CHEMICAL MESSENGERS that we rely on for every vital function needed to survive. With these little chemical messengers, we are able to impacted by that all-powerful knockout punch of love.

You could call it Cupid’s arrow or an outright virus, but whatever you call it, we’re all addicted to it in one way or another.

So now the big question is, how can you trigger this within any man of your choice and ignite a fiery sense of deep seeded desire and obsessive love within a man.

You'll do it by something that is called "Love Commands". Here is a private video that explains it all…

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