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This Weird Love Spell Will Make Him Choose You Over Other Women (Even If They're Hotter)

This Weird LINE Will Make Him Choose You Over Other Women (Even If They're Hotter)

How To Make Him Choose You Over Other Women (Even If They’re Prettier)


I know this sounds borderline crazy but I am about
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BUT…I must warn you.

For your safety and sanity, try not to get too
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This Evil Trick Convinces A Man That You're Meant For Him (Sinful But Works)

This Evil LINE Convinces A Man That You're Meant For Him (Sinful But Works)

How To Become The Woman He Desperately Wants To Marry (Its Shockingly Easy)

The Thing Every man Needs A Woman To Say (He Will Worship You Now)

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This Innocent LINE Makes You Instantly HOTTER In His Eyes.

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This Innocent SPELL Makes You Instantly ATTRACTIVE To Any Man

This Innocent SPELL Makes You Instantly SEXIER In His Eyes

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This Little Spell Works Like Magic On Men (Never Revealed. Until Now.)

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The Crazy Thing To Do With Your Voice That Will Make Any Man Choose You.

The Amazing Thing To Do With Your Voice That Will Burn Him With Desire

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Article 1 -

How To Make Him Run Home To You - Weird “Mouse Trap Method” Reveals Funny Secret To Getting His Attention

How To Make Him Choose You Over Other Women (Even If They’re Prettier)

Bummed Out By The “Shifty Eye Syndrome”? Make Him Love You Hard With This!
Are you stuck with a guy who has the ‘shifty eye syndrome’? Or maybe you’re in a relationship with a man whose neck would break to get a peek at anything with legs;meanwhile you’re collecting dust over in the corner, wondering if he’ll ever see you that way again.

You might not realize it just yet, but when it comes to love, men are actually pretty straight forward.

Heck! I’m sure by now you’ve found that men can be pretty darn predictable, especially when it comes to intimacy. It’s this predictability, actually, that I’m going to show you how to use and harness today to have him going almost wacko just to get a peek at you, and to be near you.

It might sound impossible right now, but there’s only one thing you need to remember when it comes to men and love:

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

It’s often when a woman tries to make things too complicated, or when she tries too hard that men lose interest or become too confused to know how to react or respond. It’s this reality, actually, that has many marriages ending in divorce, and many more middle aged women unable to find a man or even get a date.

At the end of the day, when asked, many men admit that their ideal relationship is one that involves simplicity. No crazy desperation, or intense mind games, or never-ending arguments. Just the basics….with a little bit of edge to keep things interesting.

So how do you add that fine line of edginess into a relationship, without overcomplicating things?

Well, it’s simple.

You use the Mouse Trap Method.

I bet by now you’re sitting here going “huh….what the heck is that?”, but I’m glad you’re asking, because this technique is about to completely revolutionize and simplify your love life.

The Mouse Trap method is simple, because it can be applied to any stage of a relationship, and it does one thing, and one thing only: it makes a guy go completely ‘ga-ga’ for you.

I’ve literally seen guys turning down supermodel type women, just to rush home to a woman who has used this technique on him.

I’ve even seen extremely dry relationships go from dead, to bursting with intense passion within the span of just a few short weeks, under the same premise.

So to say that this technique will help you, is putting it lightly. It will SAVE you.

So I bet you’re wondering how it works?
Well, when a guy is checking out other women, or when your man loses interest in you, like most women, you probably thrust yourselves toward him, practically begging for attention…right?

Like most women, you likely don’t realize when you’re doing that either, or to what extent, but I can guarantee you’ve done this numerous times, if you’re dealing with a man who has the Shifty Eye Syndrome.

In cases like these, where a man’s attention is not solely on you, or where he has withdrawn from you emotionally (he’s become an emotional ghost), it actually can completely ruin your chances of ever having a man love you like you desire if you push yourself toward him.

Men, simply put, don’t want that.

That’s the ‘over complication’ I was talking about earlier. A man wants to feel free to make his own choices about how he feels, and when he is feeling how he feels.

Men absolutely HATE it when a woman tries to take control of his emotions and of his attention forcefully, especially if he’s already communicated that he wants his distance.

In that moment, he’s simply not hungry. Like a little toddler who refuses to eat even just one smaller mouthful, much to a parent’s frustration, a grown men works similarly when it comes to love.

If he doesn’t want it, he’s not going to take it.

The key, therefore, is to make him hungry for it. Wait it out, much like you would with a mouse trap and a piece of cheese.

If you try to bring the cheese to the mouse, he’ll run away.

But if you leave it for him, when he’s ready, and hungry enough….he’ll come get it.

He’ll even come get it from dangerous locations, if the hunger is strong enough.

And that, ladies, is the key to the Mouse Trap technique.

Leave the bait, allow him to become hungry for it, and let him take it.

It doesn’t have to be extremely complicated or confusing. It’s as simple as that, because men want to be in control and want to be the deciders, especially in a relationship or when attraction is involved.

Their natural instincts make them desire the chase, and the hunt; which men ultimately find rewarding. Remember if you are trying to push or force his attention on you, he’ll have nothing to chase, because the reality is you are the one chasing him.

It’s as ironic as trying to catch a mouse by running around with 100 chunks of cheese and throwing them at the mouse.

So, I bet by now you’re wondering how this whole Mouse Trap technique works?

The process is simple.

Here is how the Mouse Trap process works:

Step #1: Wait.

When he becomes an emotional ghost, or withdraws from you (even if you’ve just met recently, or have known him for a long time), WAIT. Don’t hurdle your cheese at him, hoping he’ll come around just because you’ve got a treat.

Be patient. This quality is actually one of your biggest allies when it comes to winning in a relationship, because a man cannot block or run from a patient woman. When a woman doesn’t fight what he’s doing, there’s nothing for him to force back in retaliation, so he gives in.
This is true especially if you’re dealing with a man who has shifty eyes, or who often appears to long for other women whether outwardly or in secret. If you’re not forcing yourself, there’s nothing for him to fight…there’s no reason for him to find now to ignore you.

Step #2: Set up the cheese.
The cheese, obviously, is you. You’re the bait. But you’re not going to throw yourself at him. You’re not going to break into little pieces to try and see if this or that would get his attention. No.

You simplify it. You wait, then you bait.

How do you bait?

That’s simple too, and I’ll talk about that in just a little bit, but for now understand just this one simple thing: your job is to wait for him to become hungry…which he will…if you allow him the opportunity.

Step #3: Let him take a bite- but make that bite so deliciously tempting that he’ll want to come back again and again.

This is where you show him what he was missing, which sounds complicated as well, but I promise you it’s actually pretty simple. Now that he’s told you he’s hungry for you, it’s actually very easy to tempt him and keep him hooked.

The key, is to use an open loop of attraction to do that.

What’s an open loop?

Well it’s essentially a never-ending wave of emotional buildup, wherein a man continuously builds up emotional excitement toward you, until he feels he can’t take it anymore, and explodes that excitement unto you. This loop then repeats again, just like a wave coming back and forth to the shore.

So now you must be wondering how to set up the cheese, and make him take the bait?

Earlier I mentioned that I was going to show you how to bait him, and I bet you’re also probably wondering how to open a loop that’ll keep him hooked.

The ‘how’ is actually very simple. You do it by using secret little love spells.

No, these aren’t those corny ‘voo-doo’ spells you’re probably thinking of; but rather these are carefully crafted hypnotic lines. Follow this link right now to see what I’m talking about- => http://XXXX.lovetr.hop.clickbank.net/


Article 2 -

The Key to Keeping Him Insanely Addicted (Sinful But Works!)

These days, many women admittedly find that they can no longer keep a man’s attention. Even more shocking, is the fact that many women find they struggle to keep a man’s attention for even 5 minutes, EVEN if she’s known him for years.

We’ve reached the shockingly defining moment in our era, where many women have easily experienced a guy who would have an amazing night with them, and tell them just how great they were…. only to never call back after.
Gone are the days where men spent weeks, months, and even years chasing down a woman, or trying to get her attention.

Instead, we find, almost comically, that women instead have taken over the role of the chasers, in a desperate bid to garner even just a tiny amount of affection. And of course nobody could blame a woman for practically hunting down and clamping onto a man in this day and age, where the average attention span of an adult has now reached a mere 3 seconds.

To put it bluntly….a goldfish has a longer attention span now, than the average modern man.

But we can’t exactly blame the guys either. You have to keep in mind the fact that they are constantly being bombarded with ads, and images, and peer pressure to move onto the next bigger or better thing.

There’s even constant pressure, now more than ever even for women too, to be 5 lbs lighter, have teeth just two shades whiter, dress just a little bit better, style your hair just a little bit more fuller…. The list goes on and on and never seems to end.

It can be extremely frustrating, especially when this reality takes over your love life, with men who also appear to be looking for the next best thing, and with guys who can’t seem to stay on the same page for too long, especially when it comes to love.

It’s at this point that something has to give….or change. Obviously you can’t continue attempting relationship after relationship with a guy who runs around like a zebra from a lion in his love life.

And obviously you can’t constantly be forced to feel like you’re never going to be loved the way you need, and deserve from a man, because love is in such short supply.

But this, obviously, is where I come in with a very easy and quick solution, because the problem you are facing....the one where you struggle to get a man to love you whole heartedly, is a problem that can be easily fixed.

The key is to use the Moving Target Method.
I hope that by now, if you’ve read this far, you’ve been having a little ‘aha’ kind of moment going on in your head, and even if not, I promise you that you’re about to, because there’s one simple fact that I’ve already revealed to you that will play an important role moving forward.

What fact is that?

The fact that men struggle to keep their attention on one thing for very long.

But the secret key to this fact, that you must remember is this:

Men actually ONLY STRUGGLE to keep their attention on you, ONLY IF there’s not enough motivation.
So what does that mean exactly?

It means this: if you can create enough interest, or enough motivation inside a man…. He’ll become drawn to you like bees to honey.

Thus, the key to truly igniting a man’s passion toward you, or igniting any true emotional reaction from a man is to know exactly how to keep his attention sustained indefinitely on you.

Knowing how to do that is as simple as understanding a man’s core motivations.

By now you’ve probably noticed that many men of the modern era don’t like to settle down for too long. They might go on a date with a woman, and even have a great time- but still be out the next night, looking again for something new or exciting.

And even married men are guilty of ‘replacing’ their wives with other hobbies or activities that get their interest, almost reducing their women to an invisible entity.

So the key is that men CAN and WILL become almost laser focused toward something, as long as they feel motivated. Thus learning why they become motivated is your ultimate key to truly capturing his heart.

So what motivates men then? What makes them tick? How do you get a man excited toward you more permanently?

Ultimately, men become motivated when they are challenged, or when something presents itself as a CONTINUOUSLY EMOTIONALLY REWARDING reality for him.

To best explain this, I want you to think about the most stereotypical hobbies that men have. Things like fast paced cars speeding down a road, action packed movies, and intensely graphic video games might come to mind.

What could possibly motivate a man to want to see that, be a part of it, or be taking part in that over and over again?

Well the answer is in how it makes him feel.

Fast paced cars, and explosive action packed movie sequences all have one very simple thing in common…. Its adrenaline inducing. It’s got a thrill to it. There’s an emotional buildup happening each and every time a man takes part in something like that.

It’s that emotional buildup that men are craving, and become addicted to – and they will easily and willingly partake in any activity that they feel will reward them in this exact way.

Men can easily feel this buildup around women, but the problem is that most women don’t know how to sustain that buildup.

Simply put; most women actually don’t know how to keep a man emotionally wound up over long periods of time, and thus men move on looking for the next thing that will do that for them.

Now before you go blaming men for being so damn weird about their emotions, and before you go thinking “well why do I have to do all the work all the time…why is it always my job”… there’s one thing you must understand about men, that will make this a lot easier for you in the future.

Men don’t get the same feeling, like you do, from connecting with people through talking, and sharing their emotions.

You feel better when you are close to someone, sharing your deepest secrets… men however, actually feel weird doing that.

That is, unless, you can prove to them that it’s emotionally rewarding, and that a buildup of positive intense emotions is going to take place.

So, the key is to learn how to create the buildup, and the Moving Target Method of course, will show you how to do that.

So how does The Moving Target Method it work?

Well there’s two simple steps:

Step #1: Shower Him With Attention For A Short Period.

Step #2: Cut Off The Attention.

This may sound extremely simple, but keep in mind your goal is to create the emotional buildup, to get the explosive reaction of intense attraction you are seeking.

Without the buildup, what will happen is this:

You’ll shower him with attention. He’ll enjoy it. But then he’ll grow bored, and wonder “what’s next”.

You end up stuck on level 1, when you intended to be moving along with this man to level 12.

So the key to getting a man to BECOME insanely addicted is to give him a little piece of the pie, but to challenge him to work for the rest.

Rinse and repeat, and repeat again.

Think of it like nourishment. Can you survive for the next 50 years, on one apple?

Heck no.

Would you want to just have one apple for the next 50 years either?


Even if you could….WOULD you?


It works the same way here. You build up the tension and desire by giving him a little bit of something he’s already interested in….which is you.

Men DO want to have a woman’s attention and time, but they just can’t connect with it, if it comes too easily.

Men want to feel like they’re earning it, which is exactly what step #2 accomplishes, by removing his rights and forcing him to push and pull for the right to have you back.

That’s not to say that you have to go so crazy with this technique that he doesn’t feel like anything would work, but it’s rather to say that doing this in little ways each day is the ultimate key. Just like a man does on his own, when you watch him.

He thrill seeks in little ways each day to feel emotionally satisfied.

The key, therefore, to keeping him hooked in the long run is to do exactly that: give him little bursts of pushes and pulls….become the “Moving Target”.

You see something very interesting happens when you understand the buildup process, and when you become a moving target for him. You create a chase, and this chase creates an intense attraction buildup inside of a man.

This happens because first you confuse him, thus creating anticipation of the unexpected, and secondly, because you don’t allow him to take you for granted.

He’s not certain if you’re running away, and any minute he feels like this might be a loss, it’s no longer a positive emotional experience for him to allow you to leave. So instead, he’ll see it as rewarding to work to get your attention back.

And thus you form a circle of attraction, wherein he rewards you, and you reward him accordingly as you move forward or backward according to his reactions, moving like a Yin and Yang.

The key now, is to know how to implement the Moving Target technique.

You do this by using the right set of attention grabbing hooks and pulls, and by carefully releasing those hooks to keep him coming back for more.

But now the big question is, How do you implement the Moving Target technique to have a man feel intensely attracted to you, and have that attraction only build and become stronger over time?

Answering the “how” is actually surprisingly simple, but you want to be careful in knowing just what to say and do to get his attention on you intensely enough to create this reaction to begin with.

Thankfully there’s a very easy explanation, which will show you exactly how to amplify his attraction toward you, to create the perfect tension buildup between you and a man.

Watch this video right now to find out how to do it - http://XXXX.lovetr.hop.clickbank.net/